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I empower new and aspiring school leaders to meet and exceed their potential so that they can inspire, engage, and support teachers and students from diverse backgrounds to do the same

Self-Acceptance in Black and White,

Life experiences and exposures teach us that there are different acceptable modes of behavior depending upon the situation and culture in which one finds oneself. As we experience more of the world, we develop coping strategies to accommodate our new truths that guide our actions as we navigate life. According to widely accepted psychological theory, coping strategies are generally either cognitive (requiring you to think differently) or behavioral (requiring you to alter how you behave) [1]. What happens when our identity, the truths about ourselves, clashes, daily, with the world in which we work, and even live? What coping strategies are incorporated in to a person’s daily interactions and how do these strategies impact individual identity? “No one knows precisely how identities are forged, but it is safe to say that identities are not invented: An identity would seem to be arrived at by the way in which the person faces and uses his experience” [2] (p. 189). 

Empowering New & Aspiring Leaders

To meet and exceed their potential so that they can inspire, engage, and support teachers and students from diverse backgrounds

Dedicated Thought Partner

Building strong connections and by investing in leaders’ growth and development on both a personal and professional level

Experienced Mentor

Mentor and develop founding school leaders to fulfill their visions for innovative school models.

Mission Alignment

Empowering clients with the skills and support needed to meet and exceed their goals defined by their mission.

Strategic Partner

Offering wrap around services to new school founders that support their visions to create innovative school models.


Abby started coaching me in my planning year, and I had a host of coaches in the past. Abby brought a unique perspective, the right questions, and the perfect pushes during our time together. I am a stronger leader due to her support.
Founder/Executive Director
Believe Schools
Abby does an amazing job navigating race and the politics of education, helps clients improve, a strategic vision planner, fundraiser, your biggest cheerleader and accountability partner, and a supporter of innovative educational options. Her skills were invaluable to my organizations growth and my own development.
Founder & CEO
Generation Success
“Dr. Hasberry’s experience in education is broad and diverse. She’s an excellent thorough consultant. She remains dedicated to learning and teaching of current educational practices that are relevant as well as effective in today’s environment.”
Dr. Sylvester Perez
"Dr. Hasberry's character and integrity provides a platform for her strong and diverse knowledge base. With the capacity to build strong teams and grow each individual on the team, she continues to take things 'to the next level' in her drive to improve educational systems."
Dr. Patti Birney
Adjunct Professor
"Abby is a savvy team developer, creating a diverse and motivational group of administrators and world class teachers. Witnessing the finesse and passion she brought to opening charter schools was inspirational.”
Barry P. Fraser
School Teacher



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